The autostereoscopic 4K portrait LCD displays offer a magnificent resolution of 2160×3840 pixels. The 4K display delivers the best depth performance, widest viewing angle, lowest cross-talk, and deepest black levels available.
3D Intelligent Display Solution with portrait mode display and unprecedented FHD resolution are available in both 2D and glasses-free 3D.

TruVu displays contain the best-in-class lens design and image processing and provide the world’s first 4K glasses-free 3D signage experience. TruVu displays also provide high contract and no visible brightness loss. They will be sure to draw anyone’s attention longer than a traditional 2D display.

With the use of glasses free 3D, the viewing time of a product display will increase, thus increasing sales due to customer engagement. In a study conducted with an energy drink brand in a conveniece store, the TruVu 3D display drew the customer’s attention for an additional 44% more time when compared to a traditional 2D digital display.


We used 3 variations of advertising in the study to demonstrate the increase in viewing times and the accompanying sales. The first test did not use a display, and the customer spent 1.94 seconds looking at the product. Later a 2D display was introduced, resulting in the customer spending 7.70 seconds looking at the product. The final test was with the TruVu 3D display, and the customer spent 10.92 seconds viewing the product display. It resulted in an 8.5% increase in purchases from the convenience store of this particular energy drink.